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Who is the Simpson Team?

The Simpson Team started out as a vision between father and daughter with a desire to change the face of real estate by creating a more personalized and stress free atmosphere by building long term relationships with their clients and business affiliates. Our Team has evolved into a dynamic foursome made up of three full time agents and a licensed assistant.  Joe, Ashlee, Flori and Amy Jo seek to help everyone realize their dream of owning a [...]


Who is the Simpson Team?

The Simpson Team started out as a vision between father and daughter with a desire to change the face of real estate by creating a more personalized and stress free atmosphere by building long term relationships with their clients and business affiliates. Our Team has evolved into a dynamic foursome made up of three full time agents and a licensed assistant.  Joe, Ashlee, Flori and Amy Jo seek to help everyone realize their dream of owning a home.

Joe Simpson brings 25 productive years in the automobile industry to The Simpson Team, and uses his unique set of skills to best benefit his clients. He knows there is truth behind the old saying "the devil is in the details," and Joe's attention to the details means you can trust that The Simpson Team will handle any issue that may arise during the home buying or selling process, completely and thoroughly. In addition to his Make-A-Wish® work, Joe Simpson was instrumental in bringing Bangor Area Street Pastors, a non-denominational community presence, to life in August 2014 and where he actively participated in patrol.  Joe also served as a director on the Bangor Board of Realtors®.  Joe recently purchased a home in Florida so that The Simpson Team could expand even further than the borders of Maine.  He is an active participant in our team here as an important resource and mentor, as well as being able to sell in Florida. 


Ashlee Simpson Black was born and raised in the Bangor area, Ashlee is delighted to be able to put her knowledge of the greater Bangor area to work for her clients. After graduating from John Bapst in 2006, Ashlee continued on to graduate from the University of Maine in 201 O with a degree in Sociology with a concentration in law. After spending 1 O years working in customer service, she found her love of the business world and decided to pursue her MBA, which she graduated with in 2015 from Husson University. A licensed Real Estate agent since 2013 with Realty of Maine, Ashlee currently holds an Associate Broker license.  Ashlee lives in Brewer with her husband Mike and loyal dog, Sampson. When she is not showing and selling houses, she spends her time exploring our beautiful state or reading. With a passion for volunteer work, Ashlee found her place as a wish granter for Make A Wish since 2012 alongside her sister and father. She is constantly looking for a way to give back to the community that built her.

Amy Jo Henderson is a licensed assistant at The Simpson Team, she has been in the real estate business for many years. She started out in real estate as an assistant and did that for a total of 11 years and now she is a licensed assistant for The Simpson Team! Amy works diligently behind the scenes to help ensure smooth sailing, through keeping the office organized and supporting the team. Amy plays a vital role in helping everyone make the best use of their time, so together we can help you realize your dream Amy lives in Carmel with her husband and their 2 boys and the family dogs, a Basset hound and a lab. Amy enjoys spending lots of time with her family four wheeling, riding their motor cycle, camping and everything that can be done outside!!

The goal of The Simpson Team is to not only close a sale smoothly, but also make sure that their clients are comfortable throughout the entire transaction. The Simpson Team believes relationships go beyond the closing, and they want to be your real estate consultants for life.

 “Realize your dream with The Simpson Team”




“We had a great experience working with all of the Simpson Team. They were very patient with us as it took us a while to find the right home. We will certainly call them when we are ready to sell our old home and would refer them to everyone.” Jan 2017

“Everything went well working with the Simpson Team. They were very personable and very available to us. We would certainly recommend them to others.” Jan 2017

“Working with Ashlee and Flori was great. They were helpful throughout the whole transaction and very nice to work with. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.” Nov 2016

 “I enjoyed working with Ashley very much. She is quite the professional and has a great personality. I would definitely refer her to anyone.” Nov 2016

 “The service we received from Amy-Jo was excellent. She was very pro-active with every step of the process and was always willing to work with our schedules. I would absolutely refer her to anyone.”  Nov 2016

“We had an absolutely amazing experience working with Flori. She was quite intuitive when it came to understanding what we were looking for and then she found it. She was friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and always got back to us immediately. We would certainly refer the Simpson Team to everyone.”  Sept 2016

“Flori was absolutely wonderful! She is such as friendly person and she was so willing to work around our schedules. She was very good at communicating with us and answering our many questions. We would definitely refer Flori to anyone looking to buy.”  Sept 2016 

“Everything went very well. Joe was particularly helpful with ideas and contacts to move things along. I would absolutely recommend the Simpson Team to everyone.” Sept 2016

“It went great! Flori is so polite and kind. It was a pleasure working with her. She went the extra mile for us and we would absolutely refer her to everyone.” Sept 2016 

 “Everything went quite well. The Simpsons made the whole transaction very easy and they explained everything so well. Very simple working with them. We would refer them to everyone.” August 2016 

“OMG! I want to tell you what a great experience I had with Ashlee. This was my 3rd home transaction and I have had horrible experiences in the past. I am in the military, so when I call someone and leave a message, I expect them to call me back. It’s amazing how many real estate agents do not! Ashlee really wanted to help me. She was constantly calling attorneys and appraisers and whatever to get this done. Even if I texted her at 9 pm, I got a response in 15 seconds. I was so impressed with her as a buyer agent that I asked her to list my home. I have told all my friends about her…wonderful experience!” August 2016 

“Everything went quite well. We very much enjoyed working with the Simpson Team. Joe was so supportive even after the sale, answering my many texts and calls. We would not hesitate to refer them to anyone.”   August 2016 

“It all ended well after going through a lot of complications. This was not an easy house to sell, but Ashlee did it. I would certainly recommend her to all.”  August 2016 

“We really enjoyed working with Joe and Ashlee. Our property was vacant since our daughter had moved out of it and they were especially helpful since we were not always nearby. We would surely recommend them to others.”  APRIL 2016

“It was absolutely a good experience. I work retail and Joe was great about answering my many text questions at all hours of the day. I would refer the Simpsons to everyone.”  APRIL 2016

“I enjoyed working with the Simpsons. I ended up having some issues with my pool liner and Joe was very resourceful in getting the problem resolved. I would not hesitate to refer them to anyone.”  APRIL 2016

“Everything went very well. The Simpsons showed my house many more times than my previous agents and they got it sold. They were most helpful with everything and I would definitely refer them to others.”  APRIL 2016

“Joe and Ashlee were awesome….just a fantastic team to work with. Would refer them to everyone.”  FEB 2016

“The Simpsons were awesome! They were always accessible, friendly, prompt and thorough. I carry their card around with me….would gladly refer anyone to them.”  FEB 2016

“The Simpsons were awesome! The bank (foreclosure) was a pain in the butt, but Joe and Ashley helped fill in all the blanks. I would definitely refer them to everyone.” Dec 2015

“Amy did a wonderful job. She was good at everything….friendly, upbeat, professional and returned my calls immediately. She was very available to us….she met us at the property several times. I would absolutely refer Amy to anyone.” Nov 2015 

“Everything went just fine. The Simpsons were very pleasant and we enjoyed working with them. No issues whatsoever. We would certainly refer them to other people.” Oct 2015

"Joe and Ashlee were/are awesome!  I would recommend them all day long. It was such a pleasure working with both of them." Oct 2015

“I had a fabulous experience working with Ashlee. She was always available for me and always had answers to my questions. So grateful for all her help. I would definitely refer Ashlee to everyone.”  Oct 2015

“The Simpsons were so great to work with…very approachable and down to earth. We would absolutely refer everyone to them.”  Oct 2015

“This transaction was perfect. Joe is a good friend and fantastic agent. I know the whole family and would give the best of recommendations on all of them.” Sept 2015

“The Simpsons were wonderful! Joe and Ashlee sold our home AND helped us find another. They were in tune to our trepidations and told us they would take it as slow or as fast as we wanted to go. We liked that they were not high-pressure and we could tell they were sincerely interested in finding us the home WE wanted…not what they thought we should have. The Simpsons were fantastic and I have already referred them to friends.” August 2015

“The Simpsons were fantastic! They were always available, had quick answers to all my questions and told me I could call them anytime. Great folks to work with. I would surely recommend them to all.” August 2015

“Working with the Simpsons was unbelievably good. I did not know a lot about real estate contracts, but they explained everything along the way. I am a bottom-line kind of person. They priced it right and knew how to move it. I had a contract in a week! I will be calling the Simpsons again when I sell another property next year.”  June 2015


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