Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Manon: Professional, Competent, Knowledgeable, Smart, Easy going yet tactfully aggressive when needed (that's truly what you need in real estate), More organized than any other Realtor I have dealt with. She could be a realtor in any market in the country. I know, I've done multiple real estate deals in many markets ranging from $100,000 to multimillion dollar deals. If you want a realtor that will supply you accurate, most up to date, information about your transaction, (buying or selling) one that knows how to say things with tact and professionalism, one that will tell you what you need to know even if you don't want to hear it, one that will not fabricate, raise false expectation, or fib about anything just to get your listing, or get you to buy, or get you to sell: Manon is for you. If you use somebody else you've sold yourself short.
Mary Skaggs goes above and beyond to assist the Seller. Mary has sold many homes within our family. She is outstanding in all she does. Her caring and Professionalism is top notch. I have recommended Mary to many people I know.
We have found Luann Adams to be very accommodating and personable. Always willing to do what she can to facilitate an easy sale.
Lisa is a truly wonderful person and this is proven through in her representation of you. She is diligent and thorough. And here’s the big one.... she is HONEST. Be lucky enough to have her as your agent and you will come out on top.
It was pleasant working with Manon. She periodically updated me on the market situation. Even after I moved out of state she still kept the communication on a regular basis.
A year ago my wife and I put our summer home in Maine on the market and used another real estate company. Our agent was a part-timer, semi-retired, and did little or nothing to promote our property. I took the pictures myself, had to correct the online copy for accuracy; promised signs never went up. Working with Jim Quimby, a true professional, was a breath of fresh air that restored my faith in the real estate industry. Though we never met in person until the closing, he was quick to respond to any queries and got the job done. I'd recommend him unreservedly to any potential buyers/sellers.
Olanna Buck was amazing
Stan was pleasant to work with and kept us in the loop with the whole process. The whole buying experience was very easy and went very smoothly.
Our home was on the market a year earlier with a different agent and didn’t spark much interest. One year later we met Sue who is the most organized and knowledgeable agent- she aggressively marketed our home and communicated with us every step of the way getting it sold within 60 days. We live across the country several time zones away, but that didn’t phase Sue. We were so impressed, I wouldn’t hesitate to use her if you want your home sold for a fair price without the drama. Thank you Sue!
Mike Cole is the best ! He makes it all happen and goes way above and beyond to help us close the deal And be comfortable and happy!
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