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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Donna was wonderful! We cannot say enough good things about her. We were so pleased with everything she did for us. There was a serious glitch with a flood zone issue. Donna really went to bat for us. The bank told us the property was in a flood zone. Donna reached out to her resources, got an elevation study and the flood issue was resolved in 24 hours. We have told all our friends how amazing she was and would refer her to everyone. October 2014
A year ago my wife and I put our summer home in Maine on the market and used another real estate company. Our agent was a part-timer, semi-retired, and did little or nothing to promote our property. I took the pictures myself, had to correct the online copy for accuracy; promised signs never went up. Working with Jim Quimby, a true professional, was a breath of fresh air that restored my faith in the real estate industry. Though we never met in person until the closing, he was quick to respond to any queries and got the job done. I'd recommend him unreservedly to any potential buyers/sellers.
Our transaction went very well. Terry is an excellent broker. We have used him 3 times now and we could not ask for anyone better. He is so helpful and we continue to refer people to him. July 2015
Olanna Buck was amazing
Terry was great! He was more than an agent&hellip.he became a friend. We moved out of the house over a year ago, yet Terry kept checking on the house for us. One time he found the garage door opened and called the police for us. One time he stopped in to get something I had left in the refrigerator! This house was on and off the market for nine years&hellip.three times we had firm contracts and three times my husband ending up in the hospital with doctors telling us he could not move. Terry was absolutely wonderful throughout the whole process and we would sing his praises to everyone. Oct 2015
Stan was pleasant to work with and kept us in the loop with the whole process. The whole buying experience was very easy and went very smoothly.
I could not have asked for a more professional agent who consistently demonstrated keen local real estate knowledge, was always accessible and quick to respond, which was particularly critical as I was an out-of-state buyer. She also managed to convey great care and consideration in all of our dealings. She was simply fantastic and I will refer anyone I can to her.
Our home was on the market a year earlier with a different agent and didn’t spark much interest. One year later we met Sue who is the most organized and knowledgeable agent- she aggressively marketed our home and communicated with us every step of the way getting it sold within 60 days. We live across the country several time zones away, but that didn’t phase Sue. We were so impressed, I wouldn’t hesitate to use her if you want your home sold for a fair price without the drama. Thank you Sue!
Terry was a big help and I very much enjoyed working with him. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone needing real estate expertise. Nov 2016
Mike Cole is the best ! He makes it all happen and goes way above and beyond to help us close the deal And be comfortable and happy!
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