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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

I called Georgie to show me a house that I was considering to purchase for my Dad, and she was lightening fast in responding. Buying a house during the COVID-19 pandemic is not an easy task, but Georgie made the entire experience calming and totally do-able. Gloves on, masks on, we viewed the house and within a couple of days decided to buy it. My Dad was very excited to own a home again! Georgie's guidance and constant communication about all the paperwork (now digital!) and the process was welcomed and lent so much confidence, we never hesitated. She communicated daily and was super transparent. If I were to purchase another house, I would definitely call Georgie. Friendly, knowledgable, and efficient. Can't beat that when you want to buy a house! Thank you Georgie and Realty of Maine!
Always there to answer any questions I had. Made it so much easier.
Excellent experience all around. Mike is fantastic at explaining the real estate process that most of us don't have expertise in. Mike was seemingly available for questions or support 7 days a week. Highly recommended.
The Simpson team was great! Ashlee and Flori were amazing at helping us look at countless houses to narrow down what we were looking for and eventually find our new home. Both were very easy to work with and did an amazing job answering all of our questions. As first time home buyers, they made the process seem easy and I would definitely recommend them to friends looking to buy!
Gayle is not just a great real estate agent, she is an amazing human being. I trust her implicitly. She wasn’t just trying to make a sale. She genuinely helped me find the right home for my family, and wasn’t about to settle on, or sugar coat anything until we found it. I’m incredibly thankful for her.
Mike and Chelsea were so great! They were there to work with us literally days, nights, and weekends! Working with them was super fast and easy. When it came to the ins and outside Mike explained everything and it was so easy to understand. They made buying our beautiful home completely stress-free! We're so happy we got to work with them!
Really enjoyed working with Duane. He took the time to answer our questions, and was very responsive throughout the entire selling process. What i appreciate the most working with Duane is he does not tell you things because you want to hear them, he tells you exactly what you need to know. He does it with a down to earth and honest approach as well. If we need a realtor in the future, Duane will be our first call!
Georgie worked so hard to sell my property even with the complication of it being an equipped farm! After some showings she walked a prospective buyer through the process of all the required inspections, met with all the contractors, and started the process of selling, only to have the deal fall through when they didn't have funding. That's when she truly shined! She kept me from being discouraged and went hard at getting word out again and finding new buyers. She got the deal done with new buyers that I really like. Thank you Georgie. You went above and beyond with this one!
Georgie was outstanding recently in the sale of a wood lot left to my brothers (3) and I that came into our family in the very early 1900's. She guided us to wade through all the paperwork and helped us answer any questions the buyer proposed. Always, she has been more then eager to help us and as this is the second sale she had handled for us I have gained a valuable friend who loves living in Perry as much as I do. She goes above and beyond for her customers. I highly recommend her. She is a 5 star.
I am in the middle of house-hunting from over 2,000 miles away and Bob has already gone above and beyond the call! I'm extremely impressed with his knowledge, efforts and professionalism. Thank you Bob.
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