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We would highly recommend Deb Henderson without hesitation. Thank you Deb for a great job!
Jay was excellent! The most important thing to me was staying in touch and Jay did a good job at that. I always felt like I was in the loop and knew what was going on. I would absolutely refer Jay to anyone. Sept 2016
I really don't like these survey things. Especially in this case, we didn't even look at the property before purchase. We only saw the listing online. I made an offer based only on that. When we settled we saw neither the sellers nor Mike. I wish this was different, as I have a few general questions they could have helped with, such as about the tree growth plan, and a question to clarify exactly what we bought. Don't misunderstand. We bought sight unseen and the property is about what we expected and we don't regret the purchase. I know we have 50 acres, as advertised, but suspect there may be more. The deed lists 64 acres, excepting a portion that was transferred in 1980 to folks named Powers. I tracked them down. They told me they obtained 14 acres, that being the portion cut out of the northwest part of the rectangle at the road. So 64 minus 14 would be 50, which makes sense. However, using online measurement tools within the property boundary lines superimposed on the satellite image in your listing, which excludes the portion obtained by Powers, measures about 67 acres. Even looking at this on Google Earth the boundaries are obvious due to past use practice, such as timbering, etc. Perhaps there is something I still do not know. Maybe Mike could call be to discuss this. 717 718-5541 or cell 717 487-1027. I would appreciate that. Thanks. Todd Keefer
Terry was wonderful. He worked so hard for us. We put him on a very tight schedule because we had two days to buy and a lot to see. Terry was great with the paperwork and made for a smooth closing. He followed up with the inspector and even kept checking with the plow guy to make sure our movers would be able to access the home during this awful winter. We have bought and sold a lot of houses in our lifetime and this was the easiest real estate transaction we have ever encountered. Terry was an excellent Realtor&reg and we would recommend him to everyone.
Couldn't ask for a better realtor! Great communication, he works hard and went above and beyond for us! We are so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him!
Donna was wonderful! We cannot say enough good things about her. We were so pleased with everything she did for us. There was a serious glitch with a flood zone issue. Donna really went to bat for us. The bank told us the property was in a flood zone. Donna reached out to her resources, got an elevation study and the flood issue was resolved in 24 hours. We have told all our friends how amazing she was and would refer her to everyone. October 2014
Susan helped us navigate looking at homes and buying our first home. She was knowledgeable about homes in the area and knew what to look for. We really appreciated her honest assessment of the homes we saw and always felt like she genuinely had our best interest at heart!
Our transaction went very well. Terry is an excellent broker. We have used him 3 times now and we could not ask for anyone better. He is so helpful and we continue to refer people to him. July 2015
Simply put, Mike Cole is the best. You get top notch experience blended with Mike’s integrity and attention to all the details. You want and agent that will go to bat for you? Mike is the guy you want at the plate.
Terry was great! He was more than an agent&hellip.he became a friend. We moved out of the house over a year ago, yet Terry kept checking on the house for us. One time he found the garage door opened and called the police for us. One time he stopped in to get something I had left in the refrigerator! This house was on and off the market for nine years&hellip.three times we had firm contracts and three times my husband ending up in the hospital with doctors telling us he could not move. Terry was absolutely wonderful throughout the whole process and we would sing his praises to everyone. Oct 2015
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