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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Doug Damon
Doug,You did the most AMAZING job ever, can't believe you did the next to impossible! Thank you hardly seems enough.If you ever need anything from a reference to free room and board on the most beautiful island, let me know.🏝Sharon
“Matt was very informative of the market and regularly kept in contact with us. We had listed the home with an agency in Greenville the year before and they were not responsive, never showed it and did not seem to care whether it sold or not. Matt did exactly what he said he was going to do and he sold it! We were very happy with Matt and would never hesitate to refer him.” July 2015
“Matt is the best Realtor® I have had the pleasure of knowing in quite some time and I have worked with several over the past 2 years. He was straight-forward, honest and told it let it is. He was a HUGE help to me and I have already referred him to someone else. I can’t wait to show Matt what I have done with the house.” Oct 2015
“Matt was great to work with and did a very good job for me. I really enjoyed doing business with him and was happy with the price. I would certainly recommend Matt to anyone.” Oct 2016
Matthew Young
“The sale went very smoothly. Matt is a very nice guy. We listed at the end of last year, going into winter, but once the weather got better, the buyers came out. I would most definitely refer Matt to others in Maine.” Oct 2016
Gail 1/6/2016 “Great working with Matt and Ginny. We had to do this from CT, so we really counted on them. Ginny took some great photos and Matt was great with everything we needed. We were very pleased and look forward to working with them on another property.” THANKS!
Lynn 1/8/2016 “Matt did an absolutely wonderful job for me. He was personable, knowledgeable and went out of his way for me. He put everything into this. It was not just another listing to him. I felt like he was really working for me. A superb job. Very pleased and would refer Matt to everyone.” THANKS!
Bruce, 1/14/2016 Matt did an outstanding job for me. He is very thorough, probably a trait he brings from his former law enforcement career. He has a way of making you feel rest assured. He takes charges, covers everything and makes it happen. I have already referred Matt to something else and will continue to do so.” THANKS!
Tim Dutch
Tim Dutch was our realtor and the buying experience was great!! If u want a realtor who will go above and beyond then u need to give Him a call, you wont be sorry. Thanks again Tim for all you did for us. The best.
We tried for 6 months to buy a piece of property in Charleston, but there were title problems and neighbor problems and after not getting much help from our Realtor®, we just gave up. Then my daughter found this place in Corinna. We sneaked around looking at it by ourselves and then called Matt’s number on the sign. He met us there on Monday and that began a wonderful experience. Matt always answered our questions promptly and was never condescending. He explained the difference between just representing the seller and just representing the buyer and then representing both. Matt worked us smoothly through the offer and the lawyers. We had to do nothing. After the sale, he helped find contractors for us and called to make sure everything was going ok. This was not a big sale for Matt, but every time he was with us or whenever we talked to him, he made us feel like we were his most important client ever. I cannot say enough about how wonderful Matt was.” Kathy 9/19/2014
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