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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

We so enjoyed working with Kortnie. We got to experience both sides with Kortnie. We had listed our home with two other agents in town and I have to say the communication was so much better with Kortnie. She always got right back to us whether we called or emailed. After the house sold, Kortnie was so good at understanding what we were looking for and showed us tons of home. Yet, she never made it seem like work. We absolutely would refer her to everyone. In fact, she is helping a co-worker of mine now. July 2015
Manon was very good. She was very upfront with market info and good at keeping us informed. She did some great advertising and promoted it well. It sold in 3 weeks. I have already referred her to someone. July 2015
Thelma is a wonderful person. She did really really well for me. She is caring and so takes much attention with the details&hellip.even the little things that you think do not matter. So thorough. I would absolutely refer Thelma to everyone. July 2015"
Working with Dianna was terrific. Most of the problems we encountered had to do with my bank dragging its feet. Dianna was always prompt in communicating with me and providing necessary contacts. I had not worked with a Realtor&reg in 25 years but I quickly knew I could trust Dianna. She was very fair in working for both the seller and for me. I would absolutely refer anyone in Maine to Dianna. July 2015"
Torrey put in an inordinate amount of time on this relatively small listing of my aunt&rsquos Maine home. He is such a good person. He is professional responsible and a very good listener and manager. He worked as hard on this listing as one would on a million dollar listing. I give him rave reviews and want to make sure he is adequately compensated. I have asked my aunt&rsquos financial people to send an additional commission amount to Realty of Maine for Torrey since I know he did not receive much of a commission for the great job he did. July 2015"
Our experience with Manon, Jennifer and Audrey was great! The selling part was the easiest&hellipno problems there. But we had a couple of deals fall through when trying to buy a home and I was emotionally distraught. Jennifer was so patient throughout the whole mess. I kept sayingGod has a plan but I was really having a hard time with WHEN it was going to happen. Then Audrey found us the home we were waiting for in the expired listings. So, it took all three, and we are very happy. We would certainly refer everyone to these three. July 2015
LuAnne is a darling and she has the patience of a saint. We took three years to buy and changed our mind about what we wanted during those three years. We decided that a place 3 miles out of town was probably not good for us as we continue to age. LuAnne was so lovely and hard-working and we would certainly refer her to anyone looking in Maine. August 2015"
Shanon was amazing&hellipan excellent agent. She was so easy to work with and made me feel so comfortable. She was great with her follow-up and always friendly and patient. I was moving here from out of state so she helped with all those adjustments. I actually bought a home she had shown me three years previously. That&rsquos where the patience comes in. It came back on the market, Shanon went over, took photos, emailed them to me and we went from there. Great experience. I would refer Realty of Maine and Shanon to everyone. August 2015
Manon is great! We have known her a long time and have worked with her before on the sale of a home so we had a good feeling about it. She also was the Realtor&reg who came the closest to pricing the house for what it sold. It was not a long process. We appreciate her honesty forthrightness and assertiveness. She is not a doormat she sticks up for her clients. We would of course refer her to anyone.
We had an excellent experience with Gillian. She was very knowledgeable and her great personality put us right at ease. She acted as a dual agent. I had heard horror stories about that situation but Gillian really had both parties&rsquo best interests at heart. I cannot say enough good things about her. We will certainly be giving her name to a lot of friends. August 2015"
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