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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

Christine was a blessing to me. She is the sweetest thing. I interviewed several agents, but once I met Christine, it was a no-brainer. She is smart and focused and was lovely throughout the whole transaction. I could not have asked for more. I would refer Christine to everyone! August 2015
My husband and I wanted to let you know that there is not a category that you could come up with that I would not give that wonderful woman Thelma Bowen a 110%. She was a peach to work with and we never had any issues with her. Thelma always went above and beyond what was expected. We would recommend her to everyone we know. August 2015
Travis was a delight to work with. He really, really listened to us and understood us. We were selling a run-down, old, as-is camp and he did his best to put it in a good light. He was professional and therapeutic to us and when a buyer came along he nudged us just when we needed it. He is a genuinely nice person and the best Realtor&reg in the world. I cannot say enough good things about him. Sept 2015
Terry was great! He was more than an agent&hellip.he became a friend. We moved out of the house over a year ago, yet Terry kept checking on the house for us. One time he found the garage door opened and called the police for us. One time he stopped in to get something I had left in the refrigerator! This house was on and off the market for nine years&hellip.three times we had firm contracts and three times my husband ending up in the hospital with doctors telling us he could not move. Terry was absolutely wonderful throughout the whole process and we would sing his praises to everyone. Oct 2015
I have never met an agent who worked as hard as Rick did to sell my house. He knew I really needed to sell it and that I was out of state. He got the job done! Rick went above and beyond anything I expected and I would absolutely refer him to everyone. Great job! Oct 2015
As you know, this was an estate sale that we had to handle from NJ. We were at the funeral home and I mentioned to someone that it was critical that we find a trustworthy, hard-working real estate agent to sell my father-in-law&rsquos home. Kathy was referred to us and it could not have gone better. When Kathy had to go away, Edna stepped in and did the heavy lifting. She was invaluable in the negotiation and back end work with the other agent. She also helped me keep the grass mowed and the snow plowed. This was a bit of a white elephant property and the first two deals fell. Edna reassured me she was not going to abandon me! Then, a cash buyer came into the picture. We could not have been more thrilled. Both Kathy and Edna were professional and so caring. We could not have asked for more. We would recommend Kathy and Edna to everyone. If we were in Maine, we would come to your office and tell all your agents they should be like these two. Dec 2015
I was very pleased and very happy with LuAnne. This was an unusual sale and LuAnne worked very hard on it. It went smoothly and I have nothing but good things to say about LuAnne. Dec 2015
Jennifer was great! We enjoyed working with her very much. She was attentive to our needs and is a real down to earth person. We felt like we could trust her and that she had our best interests at heart. We would absolutely refer her to everyone. Awesome agent! Dec 2015
We relocated from Connecticut to Maine and lucked out finding Lisa as our agent. From my first exploratory conversation with Lisa Wentworth, I knew she was the one for us - she was honest, direct, full of information, and took the time to explain both the complicated process of buying a home as well as the nuances of critical steps. While it&#39s easy to present well initially, Lisa maintained these standards throughout the months-long homebuying process. She always responded quickly, fully, with thoughtfulness to our particular situation, and with the utmost professionalism. She took the time to get to know us as people, to know our needs and resources, and she made reasonable recommendations when we were out of our depth (which was oh so very often). She was available seemingly at all times, by phone, text, and email, which allowed for questions to be quickly be addressed. One of Lisa&#39s best features, beyond her charming honesty and personableness, is that she&#39s a great project manager. She tracked all the critical decisions, prompted us when action was needed, and ensured that all sides followed through. And she tailored her interactions to the person: for myself, I like to know all the possibilities and the why of things, whereas my wife wants to know the best course of action, the bottom line. When engaging each of us, she was able to elevate our comfort level by giving each of us what we needed to hear. I think there&#39s a case to be made that, had we not found Lisa, we wouldn&#39t have found our dream home in Maine. I think it&#39s a certainty that Lisa made the process as easy as could be as well as worry-free! Jan 2016
We really enjoyed Jim&rsquos down-to-earth attitude. This was only a camp, but Jim appreciated how nice it was and all the heart and soul we had put into it over the years. We are in our 70s now and knew it was time to sell. During this transaction, my husband had to go for two stress tests and the doctor said he easily could have had a heart attack. Jim&rsquos attitude showed that he really wanted to help us. He related well to us. He knew the area well and knew all the activities the area offered. We had tried selling it through another agency, but they really did not have much going on. We have now referred our neighbor to Jim for him to sell their camp. Jim was so nice, congenial and really listened to us. So thankful for him. JAN 2016
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