Why Work With Us?

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Here's what our satisfied customers are saying about us:

“Everything went well working with Laurie. She was great to work with and very helpful. I would surely recommend Laurie to others.” Oct 2016 

“Michele was wonderful! My husband passed away in January and she was so in tune to that which I really appreciated. She was always there when I needed her and helped me with all the tax and legal work involved. She was amazing and I would work with her again in a minute!”  Oct 2016 

“It was perfect! Mary was very helpful in finding properties that met my criteria. She went out of her way in everything she did to make this happen and I would absolutely refer her to everyone.” Oct 2016


“We had a wonderful experience with Duane. He was understanding, had answers to all our questions and always kept in touch. We liked that he was so down-to-earth. He produced a miracle…it was under contract in less than 24 hours! It was a very positive selling experience and we would refer Duane to everyone.” Oct 2016 

“We absolutely adored Tara! We were first-time homebuyers and did not have a clue. She kept us calm and directed and kept us from going crazy. It was just a great experience and we would refer her to everyone.”   Oct 2016

“Isaac was absolutely wonderful. He was so attentive and was never put out by any of our questions. He is a very personable man and we enjoyed working with him. I have already referred him to someone and will continue to do so.”  Oct 2016 

“This sale went very smoothly thanks to LuAnne. I have worked with her previously and she is a very good Realtor®….well educated and knows what she is doing. I really liked that if I had a question, I could send her a text and she would get right back to me. I would certainly recommend LuAnne to anyone.”  Oct 2016


“Cindy was great! She was very helpful in understanding what we wanted and then finding it. We wanted a condo with a basement and a garage. We quickly found out we could not afford the garage, but Cindy showed us every available condo with a basement. We found what we wanted and love it!  We would certainly refer Cindy to everyone!”  Oct 2016

“Everything went beautifully! Elaine is such a sweetheart. She is very pleasant, listens to you and gives good instruction. She was always there for me and I would certainly refer her to everyone.” Oct 2016

“I think Rosie did a really good job for us. My husband is not well and she took great care to work with him. I would recommend Rosie to everyone.”  Oct 2016


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