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If you are looking for a realtor that knows Washington County , look no further. Georgie is a professional with deep roots in Washington County. She understands the unique geography and people of each town. She is straightforward and will take your needs and interests seriously whether you are buying or selling. She moves property! My house was under contract in a mere 2 weeks from my first meeting with Georgie. And the buyers are thrilled. Needless to say, I am too!
I would highly recommend Heidi loved her as a agent very helped and answered every question we had very knowledgeable on realty in the area.
Great communication and service! Thank you
We gave Heidi quite a challenge when we asked her to show us houses in Eastport. We needed to move very quickly, the house needed to be in our cash budget, and because of Sarah's work we only had a few hours on the weekends to look at homes. Heidi took a whole Saturday and showed us all the houses in our budget. Heidi was very skilled at discerning from our brief conversations which houses to show us and she gave us the best choices for us. She offered us some time that Sunday as well, but we had made our decision. And she got us from that one Saturday of viewing homes to closing in 6 weeks. She really worked with us and our needs.
We worked with Heidi on a move from Portland to Eastport. And we gave Heidi some challenges. We needed to move quickly, we needed to stay in our cash budget, and because of Sarah's work we could only see houses for a day. Heidi gave us a whole Saturday to show us all the houses in our price range in Eastport. She didi very well discerning from our brief conversations what our needs were. We saw five houses on one Saturday. Heidi offered to show us a few more houses on that Sunday if we found any other listings we wanted to look at, but our decision was made. Heidi had show us our house. She also managed to get the house closed in six weeks from the Saturday we viewed the housed. We have been in our home for 2 months and could not be happier. Heidi made a hard process much easier. And she got us the price we wanted.
Pete is a great sales agent!
I had built up a real dread of dealing with realtors from past experiences but Georgie was great to deal with! Very efficient and quick with answers to questions. Even after the closing she was so helpful with all the little details. Very knowledgeable.
5 ⭐️ (Stars) Sheldon helped thru our cabin purchase. He was there for us all the time and helped us in anything that I requested. Fantastic! Nice man and professional. Wonderful experience working with Sheldon. Will recommend without any hesitation.....
My experience with Sheldon excellent. He helped with general info about the farm and who had done work on the house. He answered many questions before and after the closing. Even now I call for info and he is always helping me.
I was impressed by Wendy's willingness to share with me what she perceived as the negative, not just the positive, aspects of each property we've considered. The realtors that I've worked with in the past usually were only willing to talk about what was good about the property. Her willingness to be open and transparent is a big part of why we enjoy working with her.
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